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The Goal:

Jeddah Kids Directory is an electronic platform aims to keep every family in Jeddah city updated about everything going on and specialized for kids in Jeddah (such as activities, programs, festivals, bazaars, schools, institutes, entertainment centers, sport clubs, medicals, special needs, shopping and others) by displaying their timings and actual geographical locations on Google Maps! 


The story of us:

We always believe in the proverb that says "Necessity is the mother of invention" and as parents, we always keep asking about everything that could entertain and develop our kids physically and mentally. Therefore, we usually spend hours and hours searching and asking until we reach our desire.

The idea of this project sparked when I was studying abroad in the US. I was searching a lot in the Internet for schools and programs in Jeddah for kids, but I could not find any rich source of such information. Also, when I came back to Jeddah, I found that most of the families were wondering about the same issue.

At that time I believed that that necessity needed an invention!

I hope this website will be a beneficial solution and an aid to build promising generations.  




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Christmas Presents


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